About the Authors

Renée Iglesias

As I am writing this, I am gearing up for my final year of college, moving to NYC permanently (Yay!), and working on what to do after graduation. I am graduating with a Spanish degree and hope to get a masters in Public Health and dedicate my career to helping better the lives of others.

I just recently got back into being an avid reader and I came back full force. I hope that by writing about books I can become a more active reader. This blog is an attempt to end my passive reading and start engaging with the text. As a bonus, I get to take you all along with me. I hope you enjoy!


Charlie the Penguin

Charlie was a gift from a dear friend. If you’re anything like me, you often feel as though you have to give your gifts a greater purpose. I wanted to keep a piece of my friend close to me, so I made Charlie my keychain. He was my constant companion and emotional support confidant.  I began taking pictures of him with the books I was reading because I thought he looked so cute (I mean look at him). Since he is of a very convenient size, I am able to take him everywhere and he brings his charm to my book pictures.

I soon began to think of Charlie as my reading buddy. In my mind, he enjoyed the books just as much as I did. And thus, Penguins Read Too was born.

I hope you enjoy our journey through good books, not so good books, NYC living, and cute coffee shops. We’re happy you’re here.



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